Beating Up Your Wife Is A Beautiful Blessing

3554aBeyond the pessimism that is out there regarding the transportation of millions of Muslim people into Europe (and the Anglosphere), there is an oft-overlooked silver-lining.

Western culture has always extolled the search for the truth; it seems we have a limitless desire to understand the world we live in. The Quran is rife with violent bigotry and misogyny: this is a truth. The actual statements within this horrific and tedious ‘three-hour read‘ however have been adamantly and deliberately kept from the public by journalists and politicians whose motives are still not clear. Bribes? Threats? Who knows. But this behaviour is as far from searching for the truth as you can get.

Even so, the disgusting truth within the Islamic texts are now public knowledge. The violence, the bigotry, the misogyny, the homophobia, the pedophilia, the condoning of raping and killing the ‘unbeliever‘ – these texts have now been presented and outed to the enlightened Western world. And at this point, far too many people know this truth, regardless of the unprecedented attempt by the press and governments to suppress and censor this easy-to-find information.

The optimism is clear however: for possibly the first time since the seventh century, the blighted stain on mankind that are the Islamic texts may finally be challenged, diminished, and reduced to an ‘extremist‘ descriptor, in a totally humorous, ironic corollary to the devious obfuscations peddled by our so-called gate-keepers of truth.

The potential for humanity here is enormous – this evil, enslaving, totalitarian belief system (like so many other man-made systems) could be reduced to a fringe cult, freeing up millions of females, homosexuals, children, and even Muslim men who don’t happen to think that beating up your wife was a divine ideal dreamt up by a supreme supra-natural supreme being called Allah. (Because, of course, a supra-natural supreme being would be super-concerned about beating up wives, apparently, right? Yeah.)

Muslims themselves are the most persecuted group that suffer through the inhuman ravages of these Islamic texts: they would be the first to benefit from diminishing the belief system called Islam. How many generations of Muslim families have had to cope with this debilitating system? The first thing we in the West can do is to give them a choice – perhaps for the first time they’ve ever had that chance without the usual threats of death and violence.

But before this, the West finally needs to teach the truth about Islam. Islam is not pretty. Islam is embarrassing. Islam is disgusting. But Islam is its texts. It is those texts that need to be scrutinized, critiqued, and perhaps ridiculed as discretion dictates. But it needs to be done. Too many Muslim and non-Muslims lives are at stake. And too many Muslim and non-Muslim lives could be truly freed for this not to be a principled stand by the so-called ‘West‘.

The Australian; Caroline Overington, Richard Ferguson; It’s OK for Muslim men to hit their wives



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