M2M: Mars, 200 Million Miles East Of The Moon


Where’s Maya? Not on the Moon, that’s where…

‘A global problem needs a global solution.’ That’s the tired mantra wheeled out by extra-national entities like the United Nations (UN) when there is a global need for Western resources (in the right corporate hands, of course), but there is also the potential for bothersome national governments to step in and perhaps heed the will of a free people. Global warming is the UN’s thirty-year attempt to drain Western resources dry, but it may be coming to an end.

Recently, most especially with the signalling from the Trump administration, there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for the Preachy Green Church of Sadness & Misery. People and politicians seem a little more savvy and a lot more critical of the same-same rhetoric of ‘global warming’. It is always, always, bad, it always makes everyone’s life worse, and it always imitates a communist-style controlled economy where everything really does suck and individual liberty is something that only exists in old, banned books.

It remains unclear how humankind have not bothered creating any kind of settlement on the Moon since Eugene Cernan left the last human footprint on its surface in 1972: 45 years ago. Forty-five years. In 1975, a mere three years after Cernan entered the CM for the trip home, the TV series Space: 1999 was foretelling ‘Moon Base Alpha’. Ah yes, Martin Landau as the commander, and Catherine Schell as ‘Maya. In just 25 years, the writers thought at the time, the culmination of the Apollo missions would surely result in men living on the moon.

Back to the money-grubbing UN.

So, everyone ridicules and despises the global warming gravy-train. What to do? Well, “Buzz” Aldrin (if that is his name) seems to be on the newly-created bandwagon called ‘Mission To Mars’ (M2M)¹. It has similarities to global warming: it can be sold as a global challenge requiring a global solution; it requires oodles of lovely Western money; it would require oodles of lovely Western money to be redistributed to sad-ass, third-rate, loser-type countries that will build the, er, the, er, space-ship lavatories, or something; it also requires us to give up national interests and individual liberty, to ‘sacrifice’, in the interests of ‘Something Much Bigger Than Ourselves’™. And, like global warming, we never seem to get to Nirvana, because we are just not doing it right; M2M, like its failed predecessor, would be essentially eternal.

There is one important difference though to the ears of the cynically-depressed, post-climate denier of all things bad: the rhetoric now includes a ‘challenge’, not a ‘problem’: no one likes problems; and who doesn’t like a challenge? I guess we could buy in, if only Buzz can answer our 45-year lack of enthusiasm for the Moon, a mere 251,000 miles away, but endorses an all-out enthusiasm for M2M, 200 million miles hence. A thousand times further. If we can answer that question first, we the people might avoid another UN-sanctioned pig’s trough.

¹ BBC, Dave Lee; Buzz Aldrin takes you to Mars in VR

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