The Great Quieting Of User Comments

daily-mail-1024x208We’ve all seen it. Some news site like the BBC have simply abandoned user comments on articles. Some have decided to use ‘moderation‘ – a nice word for censorship. In Europe especially we can almost track the decline in the usefulness of the reader comments section that many readers, including myself, found much more informative than the actual article. It gave you an idea of how ‘the people’ felt and it could often cut through the crafted Newspeak and social engineering stylings that the article writer was attempting to impress.

The Daily Mail (DM) still allows user comments, but irrespective of its ‘house rules’ there seems to be a whole lot of censorship going on. It’s this kind of censorship that the BBC decided a few years ago was just too expensive and too onerous to explain. Here’s just one article about misogynist Muslim crime (DM, bless their little hearts, still uses the shorthand ‘Asian‘ to describe Muslim Middle-Eastern men)¹.

Now, normal British men, of whatever flavour and variety, would have a need to call this out. The police? Feminist organizations? Public sector – municipal, social, health? Where’s the outrage? Well, here are the ‘Best Rated‘ responses.

  • Thanks to all the luvvy* lefty snowflakes who have allowed this to happen to this country,hope ur proud.
  • Some clear pictures there, let’s see some prosecutions.
  • Always in packs being bullies !!!! Hitting a woman is a disgrace too.
  • Blair and Camerons Britain. It will get much worse believe me.
  • Bunch of spineless cowards.

Thanks to all the luvvy lefty snowflakes who have allowed this to happen to this country,hope ur proud. [‘Best Rated’ comment]

That’s it. These are the ‘Best Rated‘ comments in a supposed free nation from supposed free people. Any mention of Islam? Any mention of Muslims? Any mention of immigration? Any mention of British culture being superior as regards female empowerment? No. Nothing.

It must be on everyone’s mind. But apparently DM’s comment section doesn’t allow that kind of thinking. Because apparently the ‘best comment‘ is,  “Thanks to all the luvvy lefty snowflakes who have allowed this to happen to this country,hope ur proud.” Really? That’s it? That’s the ‘best‘ comment? A nothing-burger? Purified pablum? Meaningless drivel? This is now the motif for aspiring commenters?

What is apparent, especially as you browse through the comment streams for European news sites, is that Islamic crime is being filtered. It’s being censored. It’s being relegated. It’s being disguised. It’s being obfuscated. The Daily Mail is just a foil because it insists it is a British ‘ freedom rag‘. But it’s ‘reporting’ is just the same as every other European news agency. Owned. Censored. Useless. Code 291.

* ‘Luvvy’ is a British term indicating an actor that is being, well, ‘demonstrative’ about their opinion, including political thought; (though not really applicable you would think in the case of violent aggression against a female)

¹ Daily Mail, Mark Duell; Shocking moment woman staggers away with her face in her hands after racist Asian thugs break her nose before exchanging blows with her boyfriend


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