The CBC & Islamic Law: Omid Ghaffouri; Just A 24-Year-Old Man Without A Name

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) were initially excited that perhaps some actual evidence exists that there is an institutional white supremacist campaign against Muslims (what else matters, right?) when a man was arrested for threatening to shoot up a mosque in London, Ontario. Twenty police officers were called to the scene.

CBC’s initial report talks about the arrest of a man. But no name¹. CBC’s follow up report the next day reports on the charging of a man. But no name². We are told he is male, and he is 24 years old.

His name is Omid Ghaffouri. He is Muslim. This is public knowledge. The name of any person charged with a crime in Canada is readily available. The CBC decided that the name of the charged individual is not relevant. There is now therefore institutional self-censorship of Muslim crime at the Canadian state broadcaster, CBC. The CBC are now enshrining Islamic law, in which it is a grave offence to criticize Muslims or Islam, within their news content (or lack thereof).

Of course the media, the police, public servants and academia are now regularly exacting Islamic law when it comes to anything critical of Islam, or Orthodox Muslims practising Islam. If you care to check the London Free Press, CTV, and many others, it seems this 24-year-old man simply has no name, no religion, no identity at all. Is he a Trump supporter? Does he like Nazi symbols? I guess we’ll never know. Or at least, the Canadian media will obstinately refuse to tell us.

Here’s the great Ezra Levant on the story.

¹ CBC; London, Ont. police arrest man for allegedly threatening to shoot people at mosque
² CBC; Man charged after alleged threat to shoot up London mosque

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