German Police Slide Toward Fascism

An interesting thing happened on the Berlin subway in October: a woman was kicked from behind by a man and she plunged headfirst down a flight of stairs. She suffered broken bones and abrasions. Then another interesting thing happened with the subway CCTV footage of the event: nothing. For two months. Then an unknown source privately released the CCTV footage to the web and the story finally came out – in December. Two months after the assault. German police said they were waiting for permission to show the video – for two months¹.

When the video was released privately to the web, the German police then decided to ‘officially’ release the video and a call for witnesses. It is not known if these bearded creeps were Muslim immigrants or refugees, but German police are now known to be completely correct in their actions and opinions for the last few years². And it would only be too very correct not to highlight what is an unbelievably obvious criminal problem with Muslim males in Germany. And now that the story has finally been made ‘officially’ public, what is the focus of the Berlin police: prosecute the person who released the video privately. Fascism – it never goes out of fashion.

¹ Gates of Vienna, Baron Bodissey; ‘Woman Kicked Down the Stairs; Police Hunt the Leaker of the CCTV Video

² German Police & Neo-Nazism

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