Leftist Inevitability & The Black Knight Problem

Across the Western world it seemed inevitable that ‘fluid rights‘ such as ‘diversity‘, ‘tolerance‘ and ‘inclusiveness‘ were overtaking the real and inalienable rights we’ve known for centuries: freedom, individual liberty, property rights. Also inevitable was the creep towards centralized, unelected, unaccountable governance. Whether the bureaucratic government in the United States or the cronies in the European Parliament, it seemed there could only be an unchosen few who get to decide what we are allowed to do, speak, write and think.

The emergence of Brexit and Trump has confounded this elitist, overlording inevitability. So much so that the word ‘populism‘ is being thrown around like a sparkly pejorative by the legacy media in an attempt to downplay their significance; but significant they are. The inevitable doesn’t seem as inevitable: speaking and thinking freely, cheap energy, only girls in the girl’s bathroom; the possibilities seem endless!

Which brings me awkwardly to the left’s Black Knight problem. You see, the Black Knight refused to be defeated. Losing appendages didn’t seem to matter, reality didn’t seem to matter, because the Black Knight you see is invincible – or inevitable. The legacy media have eagerly tracked the left’s delusions – riots, tears, electoral college complaints, puppy-stroking sessions, selective state recounts, letters of doom from young children, fake news accusations, Russian conspiracy theories – all in the hope that the reality of President Trump can be avoided. The left, the Black Knight, refuses to be defeated. But it has been. Only a loony wouldn’t acknowledge that.

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