Crime In The UK Is Literally A Bad Joke


Ex-professional soccer player Paul Gascoigne in his younger, more stupid days

All we can do I suppose is to try to be vigilant and stop this type of speechcrime crossing the Atlantic. For Britain, it is probably too late, and in any case do not have the constitutional protections we still (for now) enjoy. Even if Paul Gascoigne is a bigot¹, a proud, flaming one, that is not a crime. In Britain, it is². And for them, many of its citizens no longer feel it is wrong to create a crime in which a grown man says to another grown man the following:

Can you smile please, because I can’t see you. [Paul Gascoigne]

The context? Gascoigne has a sort of splotchy reddish/orange skin tone, and the man he spoke to was only described as being “black”. Yes, this is a crime in  the UK. That its own citizens are not aware that there must be freedom to mock and insult and make bigoted references is in itself Orwellian, but what the judge said in passing judgement goes much deeper into the totalitarian well. Here are the quotes included by the BBC from the “judge”:

You sought to get a laugh from an audience of over 1,000 people because of the colour of Mr Rowe’s skin. –[Sure, why not?]

Mr Rowe was clearly humiliated on stage, as part of an act. –[He’s over 12; he can suck it up.]

As a society it is important that we challenge racially-aggravated behaviour in all its forms. –[As a civil society – yes; but not the criminal prosecution service and certainly not you!]

It is the creeping ‘low-level’ racism that society still needs to challenge. –[Ditto above. This is not your job, “judge”.]

A message needs to be sent that in the 21st century society that we live in, such action, such words will not be tolerated. –[Clang! There’s the totalitarian horseshoe dropping.]

It is not acceptable to laugh words like this off as some form of joke. –[Yes it is, at least for free people it is. He might be an idiot, a bigot, or whatever, but a free people need to tolerate his words and make a better verbal, non-criminal-based argument. Or a better joke, which actually in this case shouldn’t be too difficult.]

[This is a] stain on [your] character. –[No, this is a stain on the once-free people of Britain whence came many of the remaining freedoms we still enjoy across the Atlantic. Thank God.]

[District Judge Graham Wilkinson] -[‘Speech Crime’ Division?]

If you refer to Gascoigne’s actual quote above, and compare it to the show trial bloviation from the judge, the British are indeed lost. “A message needs to be sent;” yes indeed, it does. And the sooner we in the remaining free world decipher that totalitarian message the better.

¹ BBC, ‘Paul Gascoigne guilty over racist comment

² CPS; Racist and religious crime – CPS prosecution policy

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