If It’s Monday, It’s Paul Finebaum; If It’s Thursday, It’s Paul Finebaum

Paul-FinebaumI’m not sure if anyone checked with ESPN radio host Paul Finebaum last Friday to see if any of his family had been kidnapped and ransomed. Perhaps he had a mafia sit-down and was presented with an offer he couldn’t refuse (either that or a horse’s head in his bed). Maybe the CIA is still secretly involved with Project MKUltra. Or rather, he’s just a scared little man who has no ability to maintain his integrity and retain his opinion. Time after time we see little men (as well as the Alcottian type) back down from simple principled positions because of fear: fear of losing their job, fear of losing their ‘reputation’, fear of the mob. It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for a miserable pension, Paul? Apparently so¹.

I just really don’t understand … this country has issues, but this country is not oppressing black people. [Paul Finebaum, Monday]

And all I can say is that I made a terrible mistake in trying to express a feeling that I probably — not probably — I had no right to express. [Paul Finebaum, Thursday]

Some listeners at ESPN might still want to listen to this pathetic man; my guess is they won’t.

¹ The Blaze, Dave Urbanski; ‘ESPN Host Says On Air That America ‘Is Not Oppressing Black People’ — but His Opinion Doesn’t Last for Very Long

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