The Ontario Minister Responsible for Racism & The Awful Ones


Michael Coteau; Ontario Minister Responsible For Anti-Racism

Everywhere in the West now we see a concerted effort, especially within, but certainly not limited to, the political class, to have a negative default position against Christian, heterosexual, physically fit, light-skinned men. This negative default position states that this target group of people, as a class, hate Muslims, hate homosexuals, hate the disabled, and hate anyone who does not have a light skin tone; in other words, the ‘Awful Ones‘.

Once this despicable group has been identified an ‘hypothesis of hatred‘ is proffered, then implicitly ‘proved‘ (it’s just true, that’s why), and then politically approved, until we essentially have a ‘Law of Racism’ as indisputable and real as gravity itself (because, that’s why). Then, naturally, action from the political class is required to address the Awful Ones. As one example, the Canadian province of Ontario has its own Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism and an accompanying Anti-Racism Directorate¹. Because everyone needs a raison d’être this political group will hold meetings to address the societal problems produced by the Awful Ones.

The meetings will focus on anti-Black racism, as well as Islamophobia, anti-Indigenous racism and racism experienced by other communities. [Ontario Newsroom]

It is alarming and disgusting to think that some of the most tolerant nation states the world has ever seen, today and through all recorded history, require an utterly intolerant political solution focusing on the perceived societal threat from a group of people having the same essential characteristics that made this type of tolerant society possible: white, Christian men.

The fact that any human being can be bigoted, and that it should not be the role of the state to monitor (or criminalize) morality, rather that of the civil society, is completely lost to many Western politicians. It seems it will now take a strenuous effort to reel this political (and social) movement back in. After all we are dealing with the Law of Racism and the debate is over you awful denier. So there.

¹ Ontario Newsroom; ‘Anti-Racism Directorate to Hold Nine Community Meetings


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