1,394 Years & Counting


After the latest Islamic jihadi massacre, this time in the dar-al-Harb of Nice [see here], it never ceases to come to my mind how ordinary, everyday, non-violent Muslims, continue to not view their religion as something perhaps to be reviled, but most certainly reformed, or as something that it is time to leave. Its association with violent jihad, its Year One, started with the hijrah to Yathrib/Medina in 622AD. This is where and when Islam’s prophet Mohammed started the 1,394-year old tradition of violent jihad, banditry, murder, rape and looting: Islam’s Year One.

Muslims know this and yet for this enormous amount of time, 1,394 years of violent and stealth jihad, no human being, no family, no man, woman or child trapped within the Muslim faith has been able to divert Islam from its inhuman course. Forever and forever it seems that there is always the believer and the infidel and the two cannot, must not, coexist. For normal, everyday, non-violent, Muslims – how, generation after generation can you stand it?

Some say that Islam requires a reformation; how do you reform a societal system that includes, to Muslims, the immutable words of their god Allah, which command the subjugation, violent or otherwise, of every unbeliever, and command that Islam across the world must be supreme?


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