Obama The Communist Psychologist

Isn’t it funny how the happy, hippy, communist president, Obama, is a psychologist when he wants to be, but plays dumb when he doesn’t want to be. Here’s the communist (in his own biographical words…) himself who is happy to psycho-analyze Boston police:

Just recently, His Pinkness, as on so many occasions, proffers his ‘don’t rush to judgement‘ and ‘let’s leave it to the experts‘ diatribe when it’s utterly convenient [see here]. In this case his otherworldly powers suddenly and conveniently desert him.

He’s an analyst, then he’s a clairvoyant, then he’s clueless, then he’s just waiting, then he’s full of ideas, then he’s ambivalent, then he’s an expert, then he’s just like us ordinary folks ‘just reading the news‘. How Alinsky of him.


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