Broccoli Monster: White Boy Indoctrination

091A1615Why, in the normal scheme of things, would a young boy, with light-toned skin, write a poem about how he hates his light-toned skin as it gives him a pre-ordained advantage over other boys who were born with a darker-toned skin? Well, he wouldn’t, unless he was told or coached to do it, or unless he was coerced or indoctrinated into doing it, or unless he thought he would receive some sort of personal or individual advantage from doing it (a ribbon, a pat on the head, another movie part [see here]…)

This unfortunate boy’s mother is a social justice warrior, based on Facebook posts, and commenter research, who seems to like using her son [see here] to propagate her own sense of virtue and worth¬†(whilst living inside a gated community). This boy is the unfortunate result of constant indoctrination; he is not brave, he is not a hero. He is just a pawn in this monstrous and racist game that has been set up by those who could care less about our society and civilization. His mother should know better, but cares not to; this boy perhaps¬†also knows better, but is probably afraid to. Being in a movie called ‘Broccoli Monster‘ is one thing; being told what opinion is the only one correct (and profitable) opinion as you start your life, by your mother, is another.

In another time this might be classed as child abuse. As children are psychologically abused so much in today’s culture it would be difficult to know where to begin. We can’t blame the boy; he is doing the exact things that he is being told are the correct things to do by those around him that he trusts and looks to as role models. His mother, his school, the parents – they should know better, but don’t appear to know or care that he is actually propagating bigotry and racism simply by another means – as are they.


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