Ten Commandments Of Reality

George-OrwellIn these times of doublespeak and thoughtcrime it’s good to know that there will always be a reality behind all of the lies. Here, tongue in cheek and not at all intended as blasphemy, are some ‘commandments‘ to be going along with.

  1. Criticizing government policies or politicians is not a hate crime
  2. Speaking and writing the truth is not a crime
  3. True free speech should offend, annoy and cause distress wherever possible
  4. Every single human being has the capacity for ‘racism‘¹,  bigotry and hatred
  5. There are only two genders; male or female
  6. European civilization represents the highest pinnacle of human culture and achievement
  7. European culture has produced the most tolerant societies in history
  8. Islam’s sharia legal code is completely incompatible with European civilization
  9. The most important and only relevant minority is the individual and their unalienable rights
  10. The earth is completely capable of coping with all human activity

We’ll come back to the ‘ten commandments‘ concept as time goes by. Needless to say, we here at LL&TNPOS find it refreshing just to know that we are not going insane, we are not the only one that thinks this way, that reality can (and should) win. It just often feels like speaking the truth has become an overwhelming struggle.

Europe (that cultural apogee mentioned earlier) is about 10-15 years ahead of North America in its denial of reality; we can learn some fantastic lessons, real life lessons, from those unfortunate European martyrs who have gone before us. And we should.

¹ I’ve long been of the conviction that it seems retarded thinking to posit that the Nazi racism laws enacted after 1933 in Germany are valid today in countries and societies that have proven to be the most tolerant in human history. But, we use the term at LL&TNPOS because it is still commonly used, as if the Nuremberg racial laws of 1935 were still in effect.


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