Rape Is Part Of Some Cultural Codes

You know your culture is dead when…

For this quote, I suppose we could finish the sentence with:

…you realize it means absolutely nothing to the millions of people you’ve immigrated into your country over the last 30 years.

The ideology of multiculture was meant to inculcate the idea that all cultures around the earth are all exactly equal. Therefore there was nothing special or exceptional about Norwegian culture, English culture, Dutch culture, or even Western culture in general. Despite this, one signal measure of the superiority of the Judeo-Christian culture, that informed western Europe and the new world, was its treatment of those most vulnerable within the society. In large part, but by no means all, this has meant the treatment of women.


But as the West, which created the most tolerant environment for women in history, is forced to disavow its own culture, it will inevitably incorporate features of cultures where no such tolerance exists, or ever existed. When you have to teach ‘men’ in your society [see here] that raping a woman is immoral, that your ‘cultural code‘ does not include rape, we are surely reaching the end game.

Of course, unwittingly, by having to do this kind of education (or having to be seen to be doing it), in days gone by it would have been a red flag. But now, well now it’s pretty clear many of these men are simply following the cultural code of their Islamic sharia; it is perfectly moral to rape an infidel woman. It is also perfectly moral cultural code to beat your wife. However the ideology of multiculture can never, and will never, allow this to be recognized; there will be no red flag. It remains, and will remain, the truth that dare not speak its name.