FluidWorld: No One Cares That Hillary Has A Vagina


In this new, complicated, ‘FluidWorld’¹ created by our most beneficent, most generous social engineers (peace be upon them), it’s just hard to keep up. That’s especially true if you’re a nearly-70, pale, binary, cis-gendered, socialist, crony-corrupticrat; it really doesn’t impress anyone anymore that you were assigned female genitalia at birth [see here].

As every millennial goodthinker knows Hillary can use the boy’s locker room if she/zur/it wanted to, so what’s the big deal? And as this monotonous ‘World of Firsts‘ grinds inevitably and thankfully to its dull and monotonous conclusion, to no doubt be replaced by the ‘Land of the Gay Morlocks’ (peace be upon them at that time), I actually find myself cautiously happy that no one cares about Hillary’s vagina. But then again, Bill and everyone else knew that long before the ‘Age of Trans’ ever got going.

¹No definitive word yet if Kevin Costner is interested in the sequel.

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