Doublespeak, Gay Saunas & The Protected Classes

  • The case of the gay sauna and the mosque: what did you think would happen in new, modern, progressive, multicultural England?

All protected classes are equal, but some protected classes are more equal than others. [LL&TNPOS]

I never fail to chuckle when the never-expanding socialist pie that is the protected class structure comes into natural contact with the clueless media. Within the socialist pie, at some point, it was always obvious that the protected classes would eventually have to start stepping on each other’s toes in various parts of the constricted pie area. The pie never gets bigger (Socialist Economics 101), so naturally one set of socially-aware Crocs will inevitably step on another equally socially-aware set of Crocs.

The chuckle is louder when it’s just not clear to the clueless media exactly how to scorecard the resultant cake-encrusted Croc mess, and which protected class should regain any pie territory. This is another great example [see here]. I’ll let you read through the reason-numbing piece from Luton Today, but here are some great quotes from the good people that call themselves ‘the authorities‘! (You’ve got to love how the English describe their respective overlords – THE AUTHORITIES!!) Just imagine poor Igor as he says to Dr. Frankenstein, “Yes, master!”


[We are concerned about] cultural sensitivity, [the sauna’s] proximity to places of worship [and we worry about] about the number of families with young children living nearby. [Luton Borough Council]

We anticipate that they will continue to operate in a professional manner and liase with the police and other responsible authorities when required, as they have in previous years. [PC Esther Read, Bedfordshire Police]

Luton Borough Council is usually particularly aware of matters of cultural sensitivity. I trust therefore that you will fully understand that, given the large and devout Muslim population in this area of the borough, there is naturally a high level of religious and cultural opposition to such a business among these residents which needs to be respected, in my view. [Kathryn Holloway, Police & Crime Commissioner]

If ‘the authorities‘ are not saying, “Muslims hate fags, so keep away!”, then exactly what are they saying? And as it is ultimately clear that this is in fact what they are saying, then what will be the consequence? I guess the LGBTQ folks have to trudge back in their cake-soaked Crocs to their piece of the protected-class pie and realize that in this fight they are just not that important. There will be no consequence. The bigotry of the Muslims win this one. Take note, LGBTQ people who hate the West; take note.




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