Bigot of the Hour: Ntokozo Qwabe

S-AFRICA-UKZN-SCHORLASHIP-AWARDSWinner: Ntokozo Qwabe (racial bigotry; sexual bigotry)

What’s impressive about the way Mr. Qwabe espouses his hatred and bigotry for this BOTHA is his utter contempt for the British people and institutions he decided to surround himself with, presumably voluntarily.

However, we all know that many Western nations now have multi-faceted layers of justice depending on who the various protagonists might be. Mr. Qwabe obviously believes he is in a protected class and therefore will not receive any meted-out social or criminal justice for his racist and sexist attitudes. He will probably be allowed to stay unimpeded to complete his Oxford studies, while fellow-travelling racist and sexist bigots ‘explain‘.

Well done, Ntokozo (if that is your name): what a vicious, hate-filled little wanker you are! Here’s a story about this bigot feeling proud because he made a girl cry [see here]. The young woman in question however should be grateful for just this insult, as the life of your average female in Qwabe’s South Africa is an unmitigated hell.

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