Global Warming Sharks (With Laser Beams!)

In the almost daily instalment of ‘It’s All Bad, All The Time, For Everything & Everyone, Everywhere!’ [see here], Project Warm Weather Fear™, or “Watch Out! Sharks!”, it seems there are still people receiving research welfare grants in order to continue to promulgate global warming theory [see here]. As this is Settled Science©, why on earth we need more research welfare is a puzzling conundrum. In any case, enjoy Dr. Evil (who didn’t get a global warming grant) trying to navigate the perils of [Laser Shark v. Red Tape]. What this has to do with global warming welfare is irrelevant, at best. But let’s mock the moochers and the grant welfare bums as long as long as we can, until of course we are charged with a climate crime for simply pointing things out.


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