Chebucto Cover-Up: CBC Decides To Deny Canadian Child Abuse


It seems that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been waiting to see what it wanted and needed (and was given permission by its government benefactors perhaps) to report on the now-corroborated abuse [see here] by Muslim refugee boys against young Canadian female students at Chebucto Heights Elementary School in the Halifax school district. As a matter of politically-correct consensus, the state-sponsored CBC has now determined to kill the story on the abuse of Canadian school children.

Presumably the CBC will now promote the endemic European-style use (common since at least the 1980s) of ‘Islamophobia‘ or ‘intolerance‘ or ‘xenophobia‘ or other derogatory prejudices against good, honest Canadian citizens in order to intimidate their opinion and to hide this child abuse by immigrants.

A simple search on CBC’s website was devoid of this violent child abuse until yesterday at around 4:37PM. At that point, the state-sponsored CBC network decided to use one employee of Chronicle Herald (it now has four substantiated statements of violent abuse by Muslim boys at Chebucto Heights) , Lezlie Lowe [see here]as a foil to deny the entire story.

Lezlie Lowe may not like her current employer the Chronicle Herald, but that in no way diminishes the need for the state-sponsored CBC to properly investigate the young Canadian school girl that was literally strangled by the neck by a new Muslim ‘refugee‘ child, or the other corroborated abuses on young Canadian school girls, noted by other parents, inflicted by Muslim refugee boys. [LL&TNPOS]

The corroborations are now well-documented. It seems that young Muslim boys have a tough time adapting to Canadian culture, whereby you can’t violently abuse your female peers as you perhaps did in the Muslim-majority country you hailed from. This of course is the story. Thanks to the now obvious cover-up by teachers, the provincial school board and its pension-seeking bureaucrats, the originally-noble Chronicle Herald, and now, of course, the state-sponsored media CBC, the new free media can at the least inform parents and students of the truth, and to give some warnings to Canadians that these authorities might have, in past times, themselves issued.

To all good Canadians, regardless of how you privately worship your God, the Rotherham cover-up of genocidal-levels of pedophile Muslim-family rape gangs, gives us in North America at least a scientific case of what happens when every level of authority decides to hide child abuse inflicted by Muslim immigrants [see here]. Especially child abuse by those we invited into our country to become Canadian and adopt our better, more civilized and humane culture. Our much better Canadian values.

Islam (in all of its writings) has a ‘cultural‘ problem: it has no culture of its own yet it violently, viciously and suicidally despises all other cultures. Muslims from birth are indoctrinated though Islamic texts into believing that all non-Muslims and their lifestyles must be despised. Let’s keep this in mind, shall we?


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