Canadian Media Ignores Muslim Refugee School Violence at Chebucto Heights


In the city of Rotherham in New New England, a massive cover-up was finally admitted concerning the rape of young non-Muslim girls by Muslim men [see here]. The entire apparatus of authority there it seems was dedicated to ensuring that Muslim men were not associated with massive levels of rape. Schools, medical staff, the police, social services, the media, local politicians Рthey all covered up the fact of rampant sexual abuse of young non-Muslim British girls by Muslim men. The two main reasons that came out for the cover-up was to not disparage in any way the Muslim community and to not be labelled a bigot. Therefore these young girls had to be sacrificed on the altar of sharia compliance.

In Halifax, Canada, it seems this predictable path, with the same apparatus of authority, is occurring to ensuring that Muslim refugee children are not associated with rampant violence and bullying in schools against young non-Muslim girls. Bureaucrats and teachers at Chebucto Heights School, local and national media, and provincial edu-crats, once again seem not to want to disparage the Muslim refugee community, or to be labelled a bigot. The difference in Canada though is that right from the beginning some brave parents (and children) have come forward immediately to report on the violent abuse, regardless of the efforts of some to ignore and bury the story [see here].

Although the Canadian MSM seem unhesitatingly uninterested in the violent abuse of Canadian schoolgirls by their male Muslim refugee peers, Faith Goldy at [see here] corroborated the Chronicle Herald’s original story. Already some Canadian media have shown they will not go down the Rotherham path of censoring the anti-Western cultural problems that exist within the Muslim community. What’s next is to see how the rest of the media respond. However, I think we already know. And is this violent abuse restricted to this one school that has admitted hundreds of refugees into its school system? I think we know the answer to that too.


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