PayPal & Its Hypocritical Virtue


PayPal has been a naught boy, or girl, or something, this week. It’s shown a bit of its hypocritical ankle under the toilet cubicle door [see here].

Becoming an employer in North Carolina, where members of our teams will not have equal rights under the law, is simply untenable. [Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO]

It is? The North Carolina law would allow PayPal, as en employer, to put whatever toilet facilities it wants in place. Schulman is incorrect. The toilet however was not about to stop flushing hypocrisy all over the place just yet.

[This decision] reflects PayPal’s deepest values and our strong belief that every person has the right to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect. [Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO]

It does? Saudi Arabia enforces orthodox Islamic sharia law which will execute not only men who want to undress in the Muslim girl’s shower room, but will execute them just for being gay. The persecution of gays in Muslim-majority countries is well-known and well-documented. Is persecuting gays in Saudi Arabia what Schulman would describe as being, “…treated equally, and with dignity and respect”? It must be, because PayPal does business there.

It seems Schulman will not do business in North Carolina, which wants to stop men watching young girls getting undressed, but will do business in Islamic countries that enforce orthodox Islamic sharia law to persecute gay people. Nice try, Dan! You might want to disclose the real reason for your decision to pull out, and quit this hypocritical virtue-signalling lark; you’re not very good at it.

Robert Pittenger says it well:





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