Bigot of the Hour: Lawrence Brown

Winner: Lawrence Brown (racial bigotry)

Another college teacher, another bigot, another BOTHA. It seems that some people continue to wear Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak when it comes to bigotry, and some of us keep getting detention with Severus Snape. There’s no chance of losing employment, no social media outcry, no personal price to pay it seems. Lawrence Brown, un-brave & unimaginative [see here], has learned all of the correctly-bigoted things to say. Then he says them. We don’t award the BOTHA necessarily to include brilliance in bigotry. If we did, Brown wouldn’t get it. For un-bravery & un-imagination? He scores!

Try non-bigoted ways to communicate whatever it is you’re trying to say, Mr. Brown. At least your students might be spared being bored to death.


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