Chebucto & Rotherham: A Cautionary Tale Of Censorship


Presumably the CBC, and the rest of the old Canadian media, will now try the successful European-style method of using ‘Islamophobia’, ‘intolerance’ or ‘xenophobia’ to silence and intimidate good, honest Canadian citizens who notice the deterioration of their culture. This deterioration, through the inferior values and customs practised by Muslim immigrants (though normal in the Islamic world), will include the incredulous lengths societal authority will pursue to promote and protect Islam [see here]. This cultural deterioration might eventually include the criminalization of speech as it now does across Europe.

As the percentages and raw numbers of Muslim immigrants increase in North America (for unfathomable reasons known only to our elitist betters), the need to censor Canadians and protect Islam will also grow. In Europe, now long-accustomed to silencing and even criminalizing those who have noticed the deterioration of their cultures, and chose to say or write something, the censoring stage is complete, the protection of Islam is complete; all that remains to be done is the final destruction of any remnant of Western society through continuous civil strife.

Chebucto has indeed become a touchstone for noticing the implementation of Islamic norms in Western culture, in the same way Rotherham was and is in Britain [see here]. However in North America we have access to this decades-old history. We don’t have to follow this same destructive path. We can read about the government and media censorship. We can read about the criminalization of speech. We can read about the constant atrocities committed by jihadis. We can read about the entire apparatus of societal authority (government, courts, schools, police, social services) being used to cover-up these atrocities. And we can read about the incremental way sharia norms are destroying Europe.

One woman’s account, a cautionary tale for us Canadians if you will, is presented here by Jayne Senior, a social services worker who saw the cover-up personally in Rotherham [see here]and the abuse that was already rampant there in 1997.


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