Bigot of the Hour: James Harrison


Winner: James Harrison (racial bigotry)

In this prior post [see here] we looked at the almost casual racism against people who look Causcasian, while ironically we live in a society that, partly thanks to Barack Obama’s mendacious divisiveness, is more and more obsessed with the colour of people’s skin.

Well, Mr. Harrison gets the nod for this BOTHA. Here we have a teacher [see here], in full public view, apparently with the support of his college administration, spouting what is at best puerile theorizing at the level of ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion‘ or ‘Mein Kampf‘.

It might be worthwhile for Harrison to remind his students that it was the English that provided the first effective world-wide ban on slavery in its 1834 Abolition of Slavery Act. It had a stake in countries around the world and could thankfully put into practice what it preached in its laws. The politicians that voted for this law had “whiteness”. Perhaps Harrison might include a lesson on the fact that the West African slave trade utterly relied on black-toned Africans and mixed-toned Arab Muslims to facilitate the selling of Africans to those European ships waiting to sail to the Americas. It might also be worthwhile for Harrison to remind his students that slavery still exists in the world today, but not in countries where “whiteness” is the predominant skin pigmentation or ‘culture’, but in countries like Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

We here at LL&TNPOS hope that Mr. Harrison will eventually see the error of his ways. Bigotry is not good; not good for him, not good for his students. We also hope that the casual nature of his open racism toward people of pallor will finally become socially unacceptable in 2016.


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