Cashin’ Out Girl Of The Week: Imani Cezanne

This girl be cashin’ out, yo! In methodological fashion [see here], a member/supporter of black supremacist race-hate group Black Lives Matter tries to find a path in the alternative economy. If it turns out that Ms. Cezanne is the absolute snow-white guiltless angel she purports to be [see here], and that she was only escorted off the plane because of the tone of her skin, then we here at LL&TPONS are certainly sorry. That, however, would be completely against the above-stated methodology summarized here:

  • choose your ‘target’ business or service
  • be obnoxious in some way & become noticed
  • once noticed, attempt to precipitate a denial of service
  • narrate your personalized ‘ordeal’ on social media
  • invoke whatever social justice avenue works best to promote your ordeal
  • cash out

It continues because it works.


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