Bigot of the Hour: Azealia Banks


Winner: Azealia Banks (racial & sexual bigotry)

Well, all we can say is “Aze” knocked this one out of the rap session! With tweets like hers [see here] it’s hard to keep a hard-core bigot like Ms. Banks from getting the BOTHA! It seems, as with many BOTHA winners, there has been an attempt from Ms. Banks to say that the bigoted things she said to Sarah Palin were incorrect or false or hacked or a lack of judgement or taken out of context or culturally appropriate or – something.

Here at the BOTHA we certainly hope that we see these bigots mend their ways, apologize and then show the world how their prior bigoted words and deeds are no longer a part of their character. We wish “Rappin’ Aze” all the best in trying to mend her bigoted ways.


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