Tony Spitfire vs. Hakim The Baddie

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Britain’s fairly socialist by American and even Canadian standards. It’s easy to understand as close as they are, both geographically and through the European Union, to the source of the ideology. It is a shame though to constantly see Britons despise what we understand to be freedom and what we understand to be individual liberty.

To listen to Christian Cerisola [see here] you’d think some sort of crime akin to the jihadi genocide of Arab Christians had occurred – again. Only what had actually occurred was just a fun-filled wrestling show that I assume Cerisola voluntarily attended and who I also assume could have left at any time.

Instead, he did what so many British people do today to other British citizens: good old Soviet-style snitching. On cue, incredibly predictably, he wheels out the trite clichés of racism, anti-patriotism, along with the requisite sharia-compliance concerning the mocking of Islam. On cue, incredibly predictably, the target business immediately apologizes and states that this kind of fun will never, ever happen again. Sorry.

With people like this,¬†England and its ilk have no hope beyond serious civil strife to turn back some of their lost freedoms. Such as the freedom to have a bit of fun in a light-hearted way, and perhaps mock an Islamic jihadist waving the Saudi flag on the way. I mean, if you can’t even do that, what’s left?

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