Turn The Power To My Freezer Back On, Please Hal

The more I read from environmentalists (people who receive public welfare grants and future public welfare pensions) the more fascistic they sound. Is there a correlation between the propensity of giving a fascistic opinion and your current public welfare grant level and the probability of a future public welfare pension? Yes, I think so.

When it comes to energy, the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission (nothing scary about that name) says,

Demand flexibility…must be supported by the government.

OK. This is only one of the scary things they say [see here], but let me focus on this one statement.

Demand flexibility…”? This means that when the power grid has low energy (such as when it is ‘de-carbonized’ or ‘greened‘ or ‘destroyed‘, take your pick) some remote bureaucratic agency will be able to turn off your freezer (just for a “bit”) so that your next-door neighbour can cook their eggs.

Must be supported…”? This means that no sane freedom-loving person would ever voluntarily give some remote bureaucrat the power to play around with the energy¬†going to their appliances.

As HAL9000 himself laconically stated to Dr. Dave Bowman, he will¬†not open the pod bay doors (or turn your freezer back on, perhaps) as it could jeopardize the mission. Whether this current “mission” is to green the Earth or protect the public welfare pensions of environmentalist opinion-forcers is unclear at this time.


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