Tony Blair: Demographic Multicultural Fascism

originalIt is an entirely disgusting thing to consider that leaders in a Western state, where we might still think the greatest civilization yet created on this Earth existed, would have conspired to force-feed, without consent, a ‘multicultural‘ situation on unsuspecting citizens.

So, from the 1980s these leaders conspired to,

  • introduce uncontrolled mass immigration from countries or regions that:
    • do not have the same skin pigmentation as the indigenous population
    • do not adhere to same Judeo-Christian civilizational and cultural standards
  • introduce speech- and thought-crime criminal codes for any of the indigenous population that:
    • notice that their culture is being diluted and marginalized
    • dare to speak out against uncontrolled mass immigration

Both of these things have happened. Whereas in the 1980s the “white” population (yes, it’s disgusting to have to use these terms but this is what we’re dealing with) was over 95%, now in 2015 it’s 80%. The UK in 2015 now has some of the most despicable thoughtcrime codes in the world. Just having the wrong opinion can land you in jail, with legislation such as the Malicious Communications Act 1988 [see here]just one example amongst so many, specifically designed to stem thought-crimes, noticing-crimes and speaking-crimes.

Whether this biography on Tony Blair [see here] can be fully verified or not, in whole or in part, remains to be seen. What is clear is that the demographics of the UK have been drastically changed in the last 20 years and more, and the ability to practice free speech has been drastically curtailed. More importantly, the citizens of the UK did not give their consent. These are facts.



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