Bigot of the Hour: Scaachi Koul

scaachi-koulWinner: Scaachi Koul (racial & sexual bigotry)

This BOTHA goes to CBC-sweetheart Scaachi Koul for her casual racial and sexual bigotry. This has become a common problem when a media person continues to commit casual bigotry against persons of an Anglo-Saxon heritage and human beings of a male heritage, but receives no punishment for it, whether through her employer or peers.

Thankfully Ms. Koul finally received some pushback online (not from taxpayer funded CBC, mind you) concerning her racially- and sexually-bigoted request for only non-light-skinned people (which also excluded males) to write for BuzzFeed.

Again, to no one’s surprise, her casual bigotry was explained and apologized away by the Canadian media on Huffington Post [see here] and Globe & Mail [see here]. Apparently all bigotry was created equal, but certain bigotries are more equal than others. And it seems that hiring practices in Canada can also have some flexibility (or ‘more equality‘) as regards being discriminatory in your interviewing process. It depends, you see. You don’t see? Well then, you’re obviously bigoted.

How is it possible that a female that may otherwise be a freedom-loving person (in a still fairly freedom-loving country) becomes a racial and sexual bigot that can win the prestigious BOTHA? Is it partly environmental; in other words if your bigotry is enabled and not punished by those around you, will you continue to do it? And for the taxpayer funded CBC it seems her bigotry was enabled and not punished [see here].

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