Pale-Skinned, Judeo-Christian, Anglo-Saxon Pride

58e5obama-hope-poster-smallAs human beings we all have rights conferred on each and every one of us by God, or if you prefer (as a free secular individual) through science or even the Great Spaghetti Monster. Each and every one. I have heard it mentioned by some (purely anecdotal) that 2016 is the year in which the outright bigotry against so-called “white people” might actually end.  Or at least experience some righteous anger and positive, constructive push-back.

It seems that almost every day there is utter hatred expressed for those with fairer skin, with some in leadership positions opining that pinker-skinned folks have racism in their DNA. Just this week people with darker skin and people with lighter skin believe that there are too many lighter-skinned people nominated in the Oscars. And oh! there are so many psychologies, so many assumptions, so many grievances, so many victimhood stories, so many anecdotes, so many reasons why. So many privileges. So many institutions. So many codes. So many systems. So many overly-confident genders.

As a free society we, the people, each and every one, also have a responsibility to influence the milieu in which we live. As individuals, and sometimes as organized individuals, we cannot always easily change how politicians, the educational class and the media portray life, the universe and everything. But one by one sometimes we can quietly adopt and spread the good opinion.

So when we have self-righteous individuals believing that they hold a privileged and protected societal view whereby they can dispense what is in all respects anti-Caucasian, anti-Judeo-Christian, anti-Anglo-Saxon heritage bigotry, it seems very simple to expect that people who accidentally have pale skin, people who respect the teachings of the Bible, and people who speak English and enjoin concepts such as individual liberty and common law, have a little pride in their heritage. Just a little. To begin with.

And perhaps, as a fuller society, each and every one of us, regardless of ‘accidental‘ characteristics, can laugh and point at the bigots who race-bait truly beautiful people who just happen to have a certain skin tone, who just happen to believe in Christianity and who just happen to believe that all men were created equal.

It might be that the most divisive president of the United States, a half-white, half-black man, whose accidental appearance took on more aspects of his black father, in his final few months of his dismal failure as a leader, might give rise to a new hope, and massive change. We can only hope, but never change.


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