Jim Kenney & Jihadi Eddie


It was Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney that did it for me. On January 7th Edward Archer, a convert to Islam, shot police officer Jesse Hartnett; fortunately this jihad resulted only in him being wounded. In custody Archer stated that his actions are in complete accord with his new Islamic faith.

I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. Police defend laws that contradict the Holy Qur’an. [Jihadi Eddie]

At the Philadelphia police press conference after the shooting [see here] Police Chief Richard Ross mentioned that Jihadi Eddie was shouting “Allahu Akbar”as he pulled the trigger. And then up steps Jim. Even though Jihadi Eddie said he did it in the name of Islam, after only 45 seconds Kenney said no, he didn’t.

In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen. It is abhorrent. It is terrible and it does not represent the religion or any of its teachings. This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith. [Renowned Muslim Scholar Jim Kenney]

A very quick search in the Holy Qur’an (the same book Jihadi Eddie carried around) gives us 109 verses [see here] mandating violent jihad against the unbeliever in order to protect and promote Islam. So what gives?

On Robert Spencer’s inimitable Jihad Watch, Raymond Ibrahim gives his take [see here] and goes over many other instances where Western leaders of one kind or another feel it absolutely necessary to label the latest Islamic atrocity as NTDWI™ [see here].

When it comes to the connection between Islam and “anti-infidel” violence, one fact must be embraced: the majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in America are either liars or fools, or both. No other alternative exist. [Raymond Ibrahim]

So what gives? As Ibrahim points out, it can only be foolishness and/or willing lies. But willing lies? Some or all of these leaders could be willingly lying? If that’s not the scariest scenario for the benighted people of the West, I don’t know what is. But if so, the deeper question is this: Who or what is compelling these leaders to repeat these lies?

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