Multiculture & Taharrush

German-ProtestorsWe are fortunate in many respects that the word ‘multiculture‘ never really came pre-loaded with a definition. In an etymological sense, one didn’t have to worry about whether the word was derived from the Greek, perhaps High German or even Middle English. The word itself is a modern concoction of ‘multi-‘ and ‘culture‘, both components being real word forms with legitimate origins; Latin for ‘many‘ and ‘cultivate‘ respectively.

The origin of ‘culture‘ is intriguing as it is from colere, meaning to cultivate, but the connotation in Middle English was to a cultivated field, representing a society based around agriculture and all of the societal needs and norms that go with it. Its connotation going from the Renaissance and into the Enlightenment tended toward the cultivation of the mind; instead of oats and wheat and barley, human society was growing or cultivating ideas.

Because multiculture is a modern concoction, we can look at the various meanings that have been applied to it in recent times. One can see that the main meaning applied to multiculture is that all cultures are equal, they are all equally valid and when determining good and evil everything becomes relative. As this word was concocted in the West, within Western culture, it is not a small jumping-off point to consider that this word was meant to lower Western culture and civilization in order to raise inferior cultures that came into contact with it.

And then came the refugee influx of 2015 into Europe. The word ‘taharrush‘ or ‘taharrush gamea‘ comes from the Arabic ‘تحرش جماعي’ which refers to collective sexual harassment. Collective sexual harassment.

On Silvester Night in Cologne, on December 31st, oft associated with the Feast of Pope Sylvester I (Pope, 314AD-335AD) in some European countries, multiculture and taharrush came into full, brutal and physical contact. Cultural and societal norms of the West met the Islamic world. Western cultural ideas about the value of women in society came into violent and bigoted juxtaposition with the degraded status of females and non-Muslims within Islam.

Some cultures are vastly superior to others. Almost every culture throughout human history is superior to the Islamic societal model. Western culture specifically has raised the human condition more than any other on the face of this earth. Cultures, societies and nations birthed from England and the British Isles are an apotheosis of this superiority. [Editor]

We, the people, understand this only too well. Elites within our Western institutions insist that this is not the case and demonize and/or criminalize those who disagree with them. And the young, Muslim, male, military-age refugee in Cologne? Well, he can continue to do what he likes to do…

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