Donald John Trump: UK Traitor

635838115365780122-901575687_6358235333419573281092854367_donald-trumpDonald Trump concerns many conservatives due in part to suspicions he is not all that conservative. However just one of the reasons for his popularity on a potential Republican ticket is his vociferous opinions on protecting the border and controlling in-migration. One of his immigrant control suggestions is to ensure that Muslims coming from countries with an endemic jihadi presence be properly vetted by the administration. Or else pause that in-migration until appropriate vetting can be appraised.

Somewhere along the line, whether it was through special interests or not, a UK Government online petition was launched to ban Donald J Trump from entering the United Kingdom [see here]. Keep in mind that at this point Trump has put nothing into effect: he has merely stated an opinion on US immigration control as a private individual. The petition garnered it’s necessary threshold of 100,000 votes to induce an extra-parliamentary debate, and this debate was held Monday this week.

These points were pounded out time after time by the ever-nervous, itchy and sharia-compliant British MPs [see here]:

  • Trump is a fool, a bigot and a xenophobe
  • The UK should not make Trump a martyr to his (presumably) foolish, bigoted and xenophobic supporters by banning him
  • “Islamophobia” is a very, very bad thing
  • “I abhor Donald Trump’s comments…”
  • The UK has a proud tradition of freedom of speech
  • Words commonly used: “community”, “diversity”, “multiculture”, “tolerance”, “contributions to society by Muslims”…

These points were not pointed out too much at all:

  • The actual incompatibility of actual sharia law with actual Western civilization and actual liberal democracy and the actual laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • The numerous clear incitements to subdue and kill the infidel within the Islamic holy texts, clearly followed in practice by many devout Muslims and clearly quietly endorsed in principle by many devout Muslims
  • The definition of “Islamophobia”, which derivatively would mean an irrational fear of sharia law and the observance of violently bigoted texts (i.e. a phobia of Islam), was not discussed
  • The differentiation between “Muslims” (men, women and children who are compelled to follow Islam) as opposed to Islam itself
  • Why, if the UK has ‘free speech’ (and a “proud tradition” thereof, no less), UK police continue daily to arrest UK citizens for tweeting subjectively offensive facts about Islam [Editor’s emphasis]

In summary this parliamentary debate now simply highlights how far true freedom of speech has fallen in the UK. And true freedom itself. There is no free speech in England and its provinces. There is no individual liberty.

Although the verbal content of this “debate” was almost a continuous stream of socialistic and even sharia-compliant diatribe, combined with leftist social-engineering platitudes [see above & link], this embarrassing debate may in fact become one that, within the wider context of history, truly exhibits the sorry state of the current tyranny in England.


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