The People Movement

People moving from one country to another country, with or without the permission of the people in the receiving country, are called many different things. For example,

  • Immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers
  • Visa holders
  • Exiles
  • Colonists
  • Invading hordes
  • Armies

So-called immigration reform is drastically needed everywhere in the world, especially if that everywhere is a liberal democracy based on individual liberty and property rights. (Well, yes, that does narrow down the options but that’s the point.) People movements go from the darkness into the light. But we in the enlightened world have trouble with the fact that people movements can be both good and bad and there needs to be a better way of differentiating.

This also begs the question that perhaps sometimes no people movements into your country are a good thing. After all, presumably there are people already in your country at the time and perhaps are very happy with the current situation. Conservatives also need to be aware of the growing rise in anti-national movements, whereby people have no intention of recognizing anything about the nation-state they are moving to, whether it be its laws, religion, culture or even national boundaries.

There needs to be a lot of immigration reform but most if it just needs to be thought through. (Well, yes, that does narrow down the options but that’s the point!) While the south coast of Europe has always been prone to invasion, friendly or otherwise, [see here], here are a bunch of people who are most likely not up to the job. [see here].

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