Justified Violent Reaction (JVR™) Justice

Another name coming into the Justified Violent Reaction (JVR™) justice theme against policemen is ‘Freddie’. All lives matter and there is no doubt that an investigation will commence and continue into what happened, when, why and how. That’s how we roll in the lands of the free (all two of them). What is increasingly disturbing is the violent reaction. And more than this, the justification of violent reaction. If we, as a people, believe that we have a solid system of justice, we, the people, can step back and acknowledge that justice will be done. It will take care of itself. We don’t need to react violently. Justice will be done.

Another violent reaction occurred in 2015 when French socialist cartoonists committed the crime of satire and critique [see here]. Another violent reaction occurred in 2012 when Libyan Muslims attacked a US Benghazi compound in Libya [see here]. Another violent reaction occurred in 2004 when Theo van Gogh produced a short film. What is implied in the violent reactions in these specific examples is that there was a crime, there was no system of justice in place to tackle the implied crime, therefore JVR proxy justice was needed.

Well, we are seeing the same organized attempt at bringing in JVR™ proxy justice into America. When I mention organized, we see that is indeed organized. And what is JVR proxy justice in its essence – it’s mob rule. If you have the greater number of people at a particular time at a particular place – you win. It doesn’t matter if your cause is righteous or criminal; there are more of us right now so you lose.

Going back to “Freddie”: how exactly does the complete trashing, looting and destruction of Baltimore businesses and private property and the terrorizing of peaceful patrons (like those at ‘Frank & Nic’s’ shown below) equate to the mob’s concept of justice? Aren’t these businesses, private property and individuals free of judgement until our solid system of justice has had a chance to speak? Apparently not.

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