The Bad, The Whole Bad & Nothing But the Bad

Frog in Hot WaterSometimes, when you see the standard global warming headline, you don’t know whether to laugh until your bowels explode or just hold your head in your hands while rocking back and forth, moaning quietly. The only way to make it stop seemingly is to give the government more of your time on this earth and any money that goes along with it. Otherwise I guess they’ll keep exploding my bowels and making me cry. And all this to perhaps maybe defer a ½ºC rise in temperature in [Conveniently-Long-Enough-Time-Frame-For-Everyone-To-Be-Dead™] 100 years’ time. It is amazing to my simple mind that human beings can live in what are effectively desert megalopolises, where few lifeforms can exist, and where the 12-hour temperature rise is 20ºC. Somehow human beings have adapted. Today. Maybe without the coercion of government we might be able to come up with a solution to handle that 20½ºC rise in the 12-hour cycle that will occur somewhere around 2115AD.

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