Islamic Ochlocracy on Campus

It is perhaps no longer a new thing to consider how fascist the expression of individual opinion has become in the centres that are supposed to propel ourselves to higher knowledge. This elevated place, this higher knowledge, it seems has little room for ideas that are unpopular, offensive and controversial. It depends no doubt on what those ideas are to determine whether they retain one or all three of those characteristics. It is perhaps a fact that an independent Jewish state, free speech and individual liberties are ideas that do in fact engender all three on the university campus. This of course is fascistic. The fact that criticism of Islam is completely intolerable is just a fact, fascistic or not. It is perhaps important to remind ourselves that there is mob-rule and minority rights, and these two political concepts are always going to be uncomfortable bedfellows.

In defending traditional conservative values advocates find themselves in a minority, often defending themselves against a fascist mob. That this takes place regularly in America, Canada and what remains of the rest of the free world, is also a fact. In defending Israel, promoting free speech, protecting individual rights and criticizing Islamic philosophy, in speaking ideas like these, people here find themselves in the awkward and surprising new role of a minority speaking to the mob.

One thought on “Islamic Ochlocracy on Campus

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