Calgary-Made Globally Warming (CMGW)

Calgary Sun

Calgary covered in global warming yesterday

Calgary made a mockery of cigar-smoking, new-world-order wanting and one-world-government wishing elites yesterday. Radical left weather sites [see here] (is there any other kind?) try to explain why snow in summery September is, like, totally in line with global warming. This of course is the active-climate theory that takes unexpected 18-year vacations when it feels like. The latest “excuse” (no, not the Polar Vortex™) for another theoretical inconsistency seems to be that there is more open Arctic sea ice. I’ll call this one Open Arctic™. Of course the record-breaking extent of Antarctic sea ice is unrelated, unless it’s not, in which case it is. Perhaps some more divine intervention from MPH [see here] may be needed to at least have some better excuses as we head into Year 19™.

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