God Is Good, God is Great (When It’s 85.7ºF)

Pointed out by Rush Limbaugh, it now seems that it is OK to invoke God when discussing public government policy. True, global warming is a never-ending question that demands the eventual answer ‘Yes’ to continual government interference, both nationally and from peculiar international bodies like the self-styled “United Nations”. I wonder if Mr. Potato Head will use the God Particle to bolster government policy when he’s back in the US? Let’s not even go into why only Muslim-majority countries need to be protected from 18 years of nothing at all. It seems that MPH is insinuating that if only the daytime temperatures in Sincar, northern Iraq were only 85.7ºF, instead of a sweltering 86.1ºF, then those ISIS/ISIL/IS/MSNBC folks there would be less inclined to saw off heads, enslave, sell and rape Yazidi girls and basically act normally.

One thought on “God Is Good, God is Great (When It’s 85.7ºF)

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