When the BBC Attacks (And When They Won’t…)

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It seems that almost every day we hear some comment or action that insulted or offended someone that has been either dealt with using the criminal code (as in most of Europe) or within an increasingly intolerant court of public opinion, as in North America. It seems also that every day the old media go through hoops deciding what not to cover; which outrage (that they want us to believe) is worthy of our contempt, and which outrage (that they would rather we not know about) is only fit to bury.

As sharia codes continue to descend upon England, as an all-eoncpmassing and completely submissive life-system (as 1,400 years of scholars profess it to be), I grin sideways at the blatant attempt to ignore its progression. As of this writing the BBC have duly ignored the attached story for what can almost be called a modern cliché: “imagine if it was reversed?”

The positive I can take from this is that the story [see here] has been shared in some format nearly 22,000 times on the Mirror website. The positive is that people have figured out that they are not getting the full truth when it comes to sharia and what it really means. Well – being turned away from a multiplex because you are not the right religion – that’s just a little slice of sharia for the folks in Birmingham to savour. And despite the best efforts of some media outlets to avoid and hide this abject act of racism, bigotry and prejudice, it seems that an awful lot of people already know the truth in any case.


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