Apparently this cartoon was not racist...

Apparently this cartoon was not racist…

The lengths to which Eric Holder will go to for some things, and retreat from for others, certainly shines a light on his preferences. Because that’s what they are in essence, preferences. For example he had no preference for videotaped evidence of voter intimidation [see here], but he does prefer to monitor the aesthetic credentials of small town parade floats.

The alleged complainer [see here] hails from Kenya but her complaint in small-town Norfolk, NE, is one that most of the rest of the world takes for granted, including Kenya: how dare you mock the government. The problem is that here in the land of the free we are allowed to annoy our elected representatives, something that truly astounds and enrages much of the rest of the world.

I don’t really care if the dummy represents Obama or the now-infamous Dale Remmich, or why in the heck the dummy’s face is green (who knows what gives with that). I also don’t care which particular policy shambles he’s complaining about. I don’t care about what crazy method he decides to use in order to express his opinion.

I do however care about his right to do any of this. But it’s more that this: it’s the environment of fear and intimidation this creates and the culture of snitching it promotes. Suffice too say that almost anyone with the right political slant can bring a federal investigation against a citizen without as much as a by your leave. The correct political slant that is, ‘right’ in this case being the wrong word.


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