The Crescent Logo


The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has, over the last twelve months, been exposed as allowing religious privilege to Muslim students. This privilege is evidenced by:

  • restricting part of the Valley Park Middle School for only Muslim students to pray;
  • allowing the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms [see here] to be superseded by allowing in-school religious practice to segregate the sexes;
  • allowing Muslim students to ignore or modify class timetables to accommodate their need to pray;

Clearly only the Muslim students get this privilege. But here’s the crux of the issue: we of course are all allowed as individuals (at least in freedom-loving countries) to connect with our God as we see fit. Are we all however, as individuals (or a group), allowed to interfere with publicly-funded services and facilities? Because if we are, then surely the TDSB should get ready for a major reorganization of its timetables, its rooms and facilities as well as the schedules of its teachers as we attempt to accommodate other world religions and lesser religions into the public space.

And why is it that the logo of TDSB looks like an Islamic crescent pretending to be a highly skewed and stylised apple?

2 thoughts on “The Crescent Logo

  1. Do you ever feel like we are on a precipice and we don’t even know it? Will we look back in years to come and say, it all started when…? I don t think so though, I think it’s a slow gradual creep and unfortunately our children will look back and say where did we go wrong, we used to be a strong, proud nation…. So very sad

    Ft soon?

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    • Could be EJ. I honestly think on the positive end that we in the western world have been debating and affirming liberty for so long that no totalitarian infiltration (even an inside job) can ever displace us. We may well become a persecuted minority, but freedom in the soul of man I think has become entrenched.


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