A Tale of Two Races

aaron-m_1679078aThere now exists in the United Kingdon a law, a speech crime law, that treats different citizens in an inequitable manner. The inequity derives from accidental human characteristics such as skin tone and religion, for example, that the law itself purportedly holds to be equal. I’ll just draw on two different media stories to highlight where this particular society is.

In the first story we have a white, English man, Gerrald Scanlon, that shouted some bad or insulting language at a black professional footballer player [see here]. In the second story we have several Pakistani Muslim youths that taunted and physically threatened a Caucasian 9-year old English boy to the extent that the boy committed suicide by hanging [see here].

So here’s the difference in media reaction: the man with the insulting language was fined and banned from football games for five years; the Muslim youths have not even drawn one story from the mainstream media (BBC for example) in what is possibly the youngest suicide case in the United Kingdom. This young boy was abused in a predominant-minority school, mainly Pakistani Muslim origin, and the media apparently does not want to know. From the story itself it seems that police are even reluctant but have to at least feign effort.

The reason is clear. The speech crime laws in the United Kingdon [see ‘Speech Crime’] are meant, and were only ever meant, to prey upon certain citizens. Although the statistics are not clear, in almost every recorded case these regulations only punish citizens that are Caucasian, male, Christian and heterosexual (or a large combination thereof).

Why this is the case is not so clear. One of many possible explanations is that these laws are meant to intimidate the indigenous population in order to make them more compliant to the ongoing radical social engineering that has been in full sway in those islands for two generations. And the end result? Well, not a free population, but a much more medieval-style population were everyone had their caste and you will never escape it or be free. And there will be those at the top, those who feel they shouldn’t have to compete with free individuals when they can get everything they want through force.

It’s an interesting theory indeed, but when stories like this fill you with natural disgust, these theories come easily.

One thought on “A Tale of Two Races

  1. Of course I understand that we are dealing with different generations. However we understand intuitively that if the reverse was true then the school board, school teachers, principal and staff would be under intense scrutiny. And these folks are adults to whom the Public Order Act would presumably apply.


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