BBC Misses Ben

carsonIn response to the brilliant rebuttal to Obama’s insane policies by Dr. Ben Carson, the BBC responded by not responding. In fact so did CNN and many of the old media outlets. We’ve known for some time that the media and their press simply crowd-source their news stories in order to present a biased but unified opinion. What seems evident from this non-response to Carson’s conservative views is that they do not want to repeat these views. No – that’s not quite it, is it? They do want to repeat conservative views when it can be used to malign and ridicule certain people. Unfortunately for the old media Carson is black.

So what does this mean? The old media will not malign and ridicule a black conservative for being a conservative but what they will do is malign and ridicule a black man for other nefarious reasons. It might be drug use; it might be an affair with a married woman; in fact literally anything will do. Once the old media have their non-conservative ammunition, they feel that they can then reasonably attack him and “Oh! By the way, he’s also a conservative – can you believe that!”

There will be old media stories about Dr. Carson; not about his positive prayer meeting address but about an Alinsky-style attack.

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