Rising Energy

The price of each kilowatt of energy in the UK is about two to three times that of North America. Although both Europe and North America will be seeing increases in their energy pricing, it seems places like the UK will see more and more unaffordable energy.

What this means in practical terms is that your average UK household will try to keep the lights out more, keep the heat turned right down and keep the air conditioning (if they have it) off. And your average UK citizen has apparently voted for politicians who have in turn voted to increase their energy prices, decrease its supply and enacted regulations that impact the marketplace and availability of real energy choices in a negative way.

I wonder if in 300 years’ time a hopefully free UK people will look back on such 21st century institutions as the Department of Energy and Climate Change, ‘green’ energy, global warming and carbon credits with the same amazement and ridicule in which we look back at the tax placed on the number of windows in your home in 1696.

Hopefully we can, and we will. But for now, unfortunately, some people actually have to live it.


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