Arabs & Jews

Israel Alone

As each year goes by it seems that the Economist gets more and more socialist in its opinions. What is more disturbing is that they seem to be a member of the liberal media echo chamber: it doesn’t matter what outlet you tune in to, the same opinion will be repeated about the same events, over and over again.

This article starts off with an oft-used reference to Tel-Aviv as the capital (the Economist tries the middle ground with ‘metropolis’) of Israel, with Jerusalem merely being one of many ‘holy’ cities. It goes on to cite the so-called Arab Spring as a democracy movement, even as evidence of rampant Sharia-compliant regimes continues to emerge.

It gets better. Hamas is apparently an Islamist movement and not a terrorist organization as categorized by most western nations. And whereas Hamas has leaders, Israel merely has hardliners. The bias continues so I’ll just leave you with a really disturbing quote:

‘With the rest of the Arab world becoming more democratic, depriving Palestinians of their right to self-determination is creating a powder keg that is bound one day to explode in the territories occupied by Israel—much as a bus exploded in Tel Aviv this week.’

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