Wuhan Virus: The Guardian & NHS Tales Of Woe

Context is everything. That’s why they provide none.

It happens every winter. Like clockwork. The National Health Service (NHS) has always been a basket-case when it comes to managing the access to healthcare; or at least the provision of access to a waiting list! As has been the case with virtually all reporting on the Wuhan Virus, the media will not give context. That’s because context, in this case, gives much needed clarity to the realistic scale of the threat from the virus to public health, and therefore to the actual scale of the vast, institutional over-reaction. To put it mildly.

So sit back and enjoy the Guardian not suggesting locking-up the entire UK population over the last decade or so to ‘Save The NHS’ from — ‘winter’. (h/t UK Column)

Finally, for one last moment of context, here’s a chart that the UK Column shows, with data coming from NHS England.

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