Wuhan Virus: Bondi Beach & Zero-COVID

Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

With Zero-COVID, we’re never getting out.

For us here in Canada, we can often look to Europe for whatever globalist misery might be coming our way next. Or, even better, we can look to the Land of the Rising Sun (Australia, not China!) As Oz enters its sweltering summer months, and as all-things viral such as common colds and seasonal flus melt in the Bondi Beach heat, we’d expect the various state authorities to allow non-COVID normality to return. Not so. In fact the New South Wales (NSW) government, which includes the city of Sydney, and the suburb of Bondi Beach, have just mandated wearing face-coverings indoors.

It must be really, really bad there, you might say, especially as they head into the hottest part of the year. Well, actually — no. Here’s the latest info from the NSW Health site.

The population of NSW is around 8.2 million. Yesterday, testing using the unreliable PCR-35Ct method, there were 11 positive outcomes, whether false or not. That’s literally one in a million! What seems to be happening in the Land Down-Under is that they are opting for the public-policy choice of Zero-COVID. Here are some more stats to ponder.

In a population of 8 million, where around 70,000 people die each year, 56 have died of/with/from COVID.

In a population of 8 million, with a median life expectancy of 80, we would expect a total annual all-cause mortality rate of around 70,000 people. Let’s take another look at that number from NSW Health: 56. Take a deep breath. Relax. Now let’s re-think these numbers once more. In a population of 8 million, where around 70,000 people die each year, 56 have died of/with/from COVID. So 0.08% of all deaths were related in some way to the Wuhan Virus; 99.92% of deaths were not.

The public policy ‘choice’ of opting for Zero-COVID basically amounts to never getting back the freedoms that governments have so glibly and eagerly removed. The reasoning for this is two-fold: 1) people die; and 2) some viruses become endemic — they never go away. Therefore to have in place public policy that requires that no one ever catches the Wuhan Virus, and that no one can ever die from the virus, without basic curtailments of freedom, then basic freedoms must always be curtailed.

As for the Great White North, dare we look to the anglophobic Ozzies for what our future holds? So far we’ve avoided the curfews on being outside our home, travel restrictions on being more than a certain distance from our home, putting individual apartment buildings under house-arrest, roadblocks, checkpoints, as well as wearing masks in the great outdoors. But as with all autocratic tendencies, there’s no reason to doubt that Canada too will head down the Zero-COVID rabbit hole, even as we enter our warmer (relatively speaking) months.


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