Britain’s Fascist Police State: The Case Of The Bonfire Prank

Bonfire-NightBritain’s aboriginal and indigenous populations are under some of the most extreme policing when it comes to the criminalization of hate.

The Case Of The Bonfire Prank

Have you ever thrown some stupid stuff on a family bonfire while everyone laughs at your stupid joke? Has anyone not done that? Well, once again, in jolly old England, things are — shall we say — ‘different’.

A family in England was having a bonfire at night. They had put together a cardboard model of the infamous Grenfell Tower*, put it on top of the fire, and then proceeded to watch it burn, all the while making jokes. The video was shared, and then presumably passed on to the police at some point, and then all bedlam let loose.

It’s not what it was. They are not racist. It’s been blown out of proportion. I admit it’s stupid, so stupid. The comments that were made were just not nice. It’s so bad. He’s going to be devastated. They knew it was wrong, that’s why they came forward. [Close relative of bonfire pranksters]

Here’s how it works in Britain now. Many people now live in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, in case they are called racist. There is also a snitch culture that feeds this paranoia as every social media post can easily be relayed to the local police department. Absent any snitch we see that, as in this case, people are now ready to turn themselves into the police, ‘just in case’. Once a potential hate-incident or hate-crime enters the bastions of the police department, according to guidelines, it must be investigated.

Five of the men involved at the bonfire handed themselves into police and remain in police custody while Scotland Yard investigates what type of crime has been committed.

This is how Britain works now. It has instituted some of the most wide-ranging laws and regulations surrounding the speech and actions and expressions of its aboriginal and indigenous people, such that cases like this are now common. And who didn’t see the unintended consequence of these Orwellian rules? Anyone who even fears that his actions contravene the labyrinthine hate-crime legislation might turn themselves into the police to try and reduce his eventual punishment. Even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

This sense of guilt is an awesome, social power that hangs over every aboriginal and indigenous citizen of Britain. Just one tiny step out of line, and you’ll be snitched on, you’ll be doxxed by the media, you’ll be interrogated by the police, you’ll lose your social reputation, you might lose your job, you might be denied certain services, you might be fined, and you might even go to jail.

* Grenfell Tower is a block of flats in London that was devastated by fire last year, with the death of seventy-two people. It became a cause-celebre for British leftist and elitists who actually used the event to browbeat anyone who disagreed with mass, uncontrolled immigration or enforced multiculturalism (they were mostly non-white immigrants).

Daily Mail, Martin Robinson; Revealed: South London father and son and their neighbour are among five men arrested over ‘Grenfell Tower’ bonfire prank as grandfather slams ‘utterly shocking’ video


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